Jagmah Software System is the initiative of a team of veterans from the diversified fields of IT/other Industries, various business & technology domains as well as Academia, to serve the people and community better from our innovative products, services and technology offerings.

We, at Jagmah, have a strong acumen in our technological skills as well as domain specific capabilities. We believe that our offerings in the products, services & training sectors to our esteemed customers will help them in satisfying their customers and achieve their business goals.

Our cutting edge technological strength clubbed with strong project management skills, help us in delivering the quality business solutions in the time frame which quite often beat the expectations of our customers.

We are committed to provide the IT services, training, customized applications, process implementation and products to our valued customers. Our core competencies extends from productization of the concept to the implementation of the design into code; validation of the code in customer scenario and the subsequent deployment of the applications and products at customers' production facilities.

Mission Statement

Our quality products and services help our customers and end users achieving their business goal in time and cost effective manner, and ensuring the satisfaction of their customers.

Something about the dreamer...

As the sole promoter of Jagmah - Satya brings lot of business value on table for our esteemed customers. Satya is highly motivated & result oriented person with creative mind & is proud to be a self starter. He has corporate sector IT experience of around 18+ years, including in-depth hands-on exposure to entire Software/Product Development Life Cycle/Program – He has taken up the challenging assignments in cutting-edge & emerging technologies - in some of the companies which are trend setters as well as technology leaders in IT World.

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Our Advantages

As we become the consulting partners, your business enterprise receives the benefits from our rich experience at very competitive prices.

Jagmah products are web applications for different business verticals. And by embracing our web applications using SAAS business model, you enjoy the immense benefits of a high end ERP solutions at a quite unbelievable price.

Owner and the founder of this enterprise, has worked with some of the finest and biggest organizations (Yahoo, Microsoft for example) who drive the product and technology space World Wide. Satya comes with very very rich experience of entire product life cycle.

Our founder member comes with a very rich, versatile and long experience in quality engineering - with some of the best brand names in IT World. We can provide you end to end solutions in any model of working that suits to your organization.

We are not only seasoned trainer - but training is just a passion for us. We can conduct state-of-the-art training sessions to your employees, suitable to your organizational needs.