Ezeepr.com is a web based ERP-like solution for the PR agencies.
After adopting Ezeepr.com to automate your business workflow, you derive endless benefits of it:

Apart from automating the business workflow of your PR agency, this ERP solution provides you most of the possible tools, in an integrated fashion to take care of all your business needs.

Some of the key modules included in this ERP solution are:

  •   Management of Vendors, Partners, Clients

  •   Calendar, Appointments, Meetings

  •   Messaging

  •   Project Management

  •   HR...

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HIVMItra.com is a responsive web application for the people, who are impacted by HIV.
Below listed are the salient features of this innovative application.

  •   Closed Social Networking

  •   Matrimonial Profile Management

  •   Creating awareness about HIV/AIDS

  •   ....and lot more

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JMHeal Online is a Healthcare Platform with Indian population being the target customer. We offer separate modules for the Medical Professionals, their office secretary / assistants and their client(s). These closely integrated web based applications, with many exciting features, offers a total healthcare solution to every one!

  •   Personal Health Care Manager - For everyone

  •   Clinic Workflow Manager - For doctors

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